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Helichrysum Corsican
Helichrysum Corsican
Helichrysum (also known as Everlasting, Immortelle)
Helichrysum Italicum

Plant Origin: Corsica
Method: Steam distilled flower petals
Cultivation: Unsprayed (grown organically but not certified)
Chemical Family: Ester
Aroma: Honey sweet, tea-like
Note (Evaporation Rate): Base
Key Constitutents from GC Analysis: Lot #HLC-103
neryl acetate 43.57%
a-pinene 5.50%
gamma curcumene 11.76%
trans-caryophyllene 0.98%
beta-selinene 1.07%
italicene 2.40%
a-selinene 0.63%
limonene 5.09%
Children? Suitable
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding? Suitable
Therapeutic Uses
The following "Therapeutic Uses" apply to true Helichrysum. We offer a blend of oils that mimics the chemical composition of true Helichrysum as a possible, more affordable alternative and simply call it Helichrysum Substitute Blend. Our experience is that they are practically identical in aroma and action. Be sure to take a look at the explanation and testimonies on the Helichrysum Substitute Blend detail page.

Helichrysum may support, aid, ease, soothe, reduce, calm, relax, promote and/or maintain healthy function of the following:
Blood clots, minor
Bones, minor injuries
Burns (In his Skin Care Series, Robert Tisserand notes that Helichrysum is one of the top 3 essential oils for burns)
Ears, impairment, loss, over sensitive, ringing
Eczema, dyshidrotic, nummular
Energy, mental and physical
Fluid retention
Hearing, impairment, loss, over sensitive, ringing
Herpes virus
Immune support 
Ligaments, injured, torn
Lymphatic system 
Respiratory system
Scars, burn and surgical (combine with Rose Hip Seed oil) 
Skin, bruises, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scars 
Sprains and strains 
Veins, varicose
Vestibular Neuritis
Whooping cough 
Application Suggestions (See Essential Oil Usage for more information and a dilution chart.)
Topical: Dilute with a carrier oilunscented lotion or unscented cream and apply on area of concern or as desired. Consider using a roll-on applicator for ease of application of prediluted oil.

Inhalation: Diffuse or use a personal Nasal Inhaler

Soothing Respiratory and Immune-Supportive Blend for Children
Helichrysum, Lavender and Mandarin - dilute and apply topically or diffuse.

Inhalation: Directly inhale or Diffuse

Internal: Helichrysum is suitable for internal use within safe parameters if such use is deemed appropriate. We feel that internal use is rarely *needed* and should only be used with respect for how concentrated the oils are. HEO does not advocate internal use of essential oils without appropriate knowledge and understanding of how to administer, for what purpose, how much, which essential oils, safety concerns and so on. In our experience, essential oils are generally more effective used topically with proper dilution or inhaled. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D. notes that "French aromatherapy literature contains many references to using oils orally." He goes on to note that "generally 1 drop is always enough when ingesting essential oils." A potential toxicity hazard could occur when untrained people use essential oils orally and ingest too much. Keep in mind that while medical doctors or health care practitioners may prescribe essential oils for internal use, they are trained and experienced in the safe application of essential oils. It is not a matter of using "French" or "British" methods, it's a matter of experience and appropriate application. Click here for information about internal usage.
Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D wrote in The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils that 1 drop orally will restart liver activity after the crisis of liver.
The following anecdotal testimonies have not been reviewed by the FDA.
The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease.
Information shared on the HEO website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice given by your trusted health care provider.
We believe that essential oils are provided by the Lord to support our health and well-being.
The Lord is our wisdom, protector and healer.
(Genesis 1:29-30, Ezekiel 47:12) 
1. I took a hard fall on my wrist while visiting some friends. A vein near my palm swelled up and felt pretty painful, but fortunately I didn't fracture any bones. It was several hours before we got back home where I could apply an oil in hopes to reduce the swollen vein. I'd just blended up Helichrysum Blend and had wished for an opportunity to see if it would be as effective as true Helichrysum, so I decided to give it a try first. I dabbed a few drops on the discolored and swollen vein, and within minutes not only did my wrist feel better, but the swelling was almost gone. I re-applied Helichrysum Blend after about 30 minutes, and 30 minutes later, it was hard to tell anything had happened to me. My sore, achy wrist felt almost back to normal as well as a complete reduction in the swelling. The discoloration was gone by morning. I'm pretty impressed! ~ Linda

2. I'd come to "depend" on Circulation for my blood pressure issues and was a bit cautious to agree to try the Circulation with the Helichrysum Blend instead of true Helichrysum despite the savings in dollars, but I decided to try it. I'm sure glad I did; I cannot notice one bit of difference between the two. Thanks Linda for offering not only great products, but wonderful, caring service. ~ O. I.

3. I appreciate that you offered sample sizes of both the blend and true Helichrysum so I could give them both a try. I gave them several tests, and must say that your blend is every bit as effective as the true, expensive Helichrysum. Wow! I'm really impressed and thankful beyond words for your efforts to help so many people and for your willingness to educate us along the way. Bless you! ~ Don

4. I used Helichrysum italicum diluted in cold pressed Rose Hip Seed oil to treat some major surgical scarring. I also had internal adhesions, and much to my surprise, I found that the internal scarring became much less bothersome and my range of motion increased. - Cindy

5. I had an incredible experience after life-saving emergency surgery. When I was released from the hospital a few days later, I applied a drop of Vitamin E and Helichrysum onto my scar and rubbed it in morning and night. My pain was reduced by half after the first application, and reduced 75% by the second. I stopped taking the narcotics and was shocked that the internal pain was virtually gone.

6. I wanted to give you some feedback that the Helichrysum Blend didn't work as as well as the real-deal Helichrysum single oil for us. It caused mild irritation to the skin when applied and didn't reduce inflammation for us. I think we will stick with the Helichrysum single oil, even though it's kinda pricey. - Karan

7. I used my Helichrysum essential oil for reabsorbing blood back into the body. I wanted it for my 12 year old dog’s ear hematoma. She has had it drained and surgically cut, and I was told it shouldn’t come back, but had to have it drained again. Over the past 6 months, I have chosen to let it run its course (which they say it will eventually burst and drain naturally). I had no other options because all the antibiotics have left her with a systemic yeast infection. I saw that HEO offered this oil as a sample and had read hundreds of people swear by it for their dog. After applying 1 drop for 2 days in a row then forgetting for a week and applying a 3rd drop…WOW! The swelling has finally gone down enough for me to touch her ear flap and CLEAN IT! After 3 days of cleaning it, she actually laid down today and didn’t try to get away. This is the best her ear has looked in 18 months! I am very cautious because there are mixed review about if dogs can metabolize oils, but at this rate; it is QUALITY of LIFE and the results say otherwise. - AK

8. I have a splendid report of the benefit of Helichrysum and the Lord's provision of wisdom and the oil. I was attempting to fix a book shelf that had fallen slightly. As I removed all the books, the upper shelf with all its books on it fell on my right hand. With a great impact, the edge of the under shelf cut a few layers of the skin in two parallel straight lines. It immediately bled forcefully. I was concerned of broken bones or severed nerves. I pressed the cuts together, and as I prayed the thought came "get your helichrysum and pour it on this." I did just that. The bleeding resolved shortly after. I gave it a few more rounds of oil, and there was no sting whatsoever. Then I bandaged butterfly fashion to close the 1"+ cuts. There was a contusion beneath the skin from the impact. I Iced that. Replacing the bandage the next day I was surprised by how quickly it was mending, and there was absolutely NO bruising. I'm so thankful I had this EO and that the Lord let me know what to use in my panicked state. - Amy

9. A month ago I was at my son's baseball game and I was hit in the head by a line drive foul ball. I continued to keep ice on my head and re-apply essential oils (neat Helichrysum and Frankincense) for 36 hours. I did not bruise. Day 5 and 6 my eyelid and under my eye turned into a deep purple bruise where I did not apply the oil. I didn't think my bruise would go that far. The hit resulted in a concussion, bedrest for 2 weeks and I was out of work for a month. Thank you Linda. I will always have Helichrysum from Hopewell in my collection - Lisa

10. My husband's tinnitus and hyperacusis was driving him crazy. Nothing could be done. When I heard about essential oils, I got Helichrysum for him. It is amazing how much it has helped him!! He diluted Helichrysum with almond oil.  He puts a drop or two on with his finger and applies all around the ear. He uses this three times a day. He could feel the difference within a week. He feels better ever day. Not a cure, but certainly a relief. - Deborah

11. Helichrysum is one of my favorite oils ever. It regenerates nerves, which is something that modern medical science can't come near to doing. It's just short of miraculous! - Tiffaney

12. I wanted to give you some feedback that the Helichrysum Blend didn't work as as well as the real-deal Helichrysum single oil for us. It caused mild irritation to the skin when applied and didn't reduce inflammation for us. I think we will stick with the Helichrysum single oil, even though it's kinda pricey. - Karan

13. My husband had a pyogenic granuloma on his finger. Surgeons recommend surgically removing it (for serval thousand dollars!) I read that Helichrysum was good for a hematoma, and since I had some on hand, he allowed me to try it. It has completely healed! - Ruby 

14. I'm always amazed at how the Lord works through oils!  I applied helichrysum over my blood clot every night for a while, then I forgot to do it for weeks, but the last time it was checked, my blood clot was much smaller!  I found out at that appointment that they weren't expecting it to ever go away since it has been there so long, so they were surprised to see it had shrunk!  I will go back in October for a final check, so I can let you know if it's completely gone. :)
October Update: My blood clot is 100% gone with no trace of residual evidence! The doctor didn't want to hear anything I had to say about Helichrysum oil though. So amazing!! - Megan

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Itchy Rash Spray
Migraine Relief
Nerve Pain
Pain Arrest
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Tisserand: No known hazards or contraindications.

Avoid contact with the eyes and other sensitive areas. Essential oils are both lipophilic and hydrophobic. Lipophilic means they are attracted to fat— like the membranes of your eyes and skin. They are also hydrophobic, meaning they do not like water. Applying a carrier oil will create another fat for the essential oil to be attracted to other than the membranes of the eyes or skin. Tisserand suggests: "With essential oils, fatty oil has been suggested as an appropriate first aid treatment, though the advantage of saline [eyewash] is that the eyes can be continually flushed, and this is less easy with fatty oil.” We are not aware of a case where essential oil in the eyes caused permanent injury or long-term discomfort, but if you feel concerned, please call your health care provider.
Purchon, Nerys; Cantele, Lora, Complete Aromatheapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, page 64.
Schnaubelt Ph.D., Kurt, The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy, Inner Traditions/Bear ? Company 2011, page 133.
Tisserand, Robert; Young, Rodney, Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, Elsevier Health Sciences UK 2nd Edition 2014, pages 309-310.