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Essential Oils Work in Harmony

Essential Oil Strategy to Fight Colds and Flu

Congestion, Cold or Flu

We cannot avoid breathing or swallowing pollutants which are a constant threat to the cells of our body. It's an ongoing battle just to maintain a good state of health. When an infection arrives at your "door," you want to be prepared with the appropriate weapons and munitions, along with the correct strategy and tactics to beat it before it takes over. For example, when a respiratory flu virus enters the respiratory system, it multiplies very rapidly, so your response must exceed the momentum of the attack. The body's natural response is to call up the army of defenders. Essential oils provide ammunition to the defenders in the form of millions of aromatic molecules. The quantity of concentrated essential oils used has a direct affect on the body's ability to fight back, so it must correspond to the intensity of the situation.

The first defensive attack must be decisively furious, and pressure against the enemy must be maintained until improvement is accomplished. Those with sensitive skin may need to apply the oils in different locations and cycle around the application areas as needed. The soles of the feet offer the least risk of irritation and can typically withstand repeated application.

The Strategy - for adults (adjust as seems appropriate for a child)
1. Choose a good respiratory blend such as:
Foot Massage Respiratory Relief
Lung Healing
Dr. Hull's Breathe Rite

2. Warm the bottoms of feet before applying the essential oil. Apply one drop at a time, up to ten drops, on the bottoms of each foot every twenty minutes for the first hour (3 times in the first hour). Work the oil into the pad area of the feet. The goal is to get good penetration, therefore we apply a drop or two at a time, rub in and then apply more. These blends can also be applied on the chest and back, appropriately diluted with a carrier oil. Peneol writes: "I often advise placing a little drop on the top of the toes between the bottom of the toe and the top of the nail. The sinus points are found there, and the combination of reflexology and aromatherapy creates an excellent synergy. No vegetable oil is used in this case, because it slows pernetration. To use vegetable oil here would be like trying to go someplace quickly, but leaving the car's transmission in first or second, instead of fourth of fifth gear."

3. Drink plenty of water and consider sipping on a tea noted to help with
respiratory Herbal Tea with Honey issues. As the virus dies, you need to flush the *bad guys* out quickly, or the die-off may cause it's own unpleasant symptoms.

Aromatic Honey (Dr. Daniel Penoel's recipe)
2 drops respiratory essential oil blend (20ml Eucalyptus radiata and 4ml Balsam Fir. Peneol also suggests the following as possibilities to add to the basic formula: 3ml Tea Tree, 0.5 Eucalyptus citriodora, 0.5 Eucalyptus dives, or these: 2ml Palmarosa, 0.5ml May Chang, 0.5 Caraway.)
3 TB local raw honey
Use 1 tsp of this mixture in each cup of herbal tea

4. During the next two hours, apply the respiratory blend every half hour. As you begin to feel better, adjust your strategy. The application of the essential oil becomes less frequent.

Before going to bed:
Put five drops of the respiratory blend on two cotton pads (five drops on each pad), and use a "cling film" (such as Coban self-adherent wrap) to hold the pad on the bottoms of both feet between the pads of the foot. Put on socks to hold this in place and to keep the feet warm for better penetration of the essential oils.

Essential Oil DiffuserIf possible, diffuse your respiratory or infection fighting blend. Otherwise or additionally, apply a few drops properly diluted to chest/back.
[for information about diffusers, click here]

Treatment should be kept up until the symptoms diminish. As the symptoms diminish, so will the treatment frequency. Dr. Peneol writes: "By using repeated aromatic penetration, the chances of a quick and total healing and cleaning of the body are maximized. This will lead, once the battle is won, to a feeling of purification and a strength much different from the feeble state in which the body is left by conventional treatments."

Maintenance Routine
For maintenance of health when susceptible, Dr. Peneol suggests a morning / evening routine using this "morning invigoration" essential oil blend we call Invigorate:
Cajeput, Tea Tree, Rosemary and Black Spruce

For your morning invigoration after a warm shower, damp dry, and then place about 5 drops into the palm and spread them quickly onto the chest and extremities. If you have skin sensitivities, then this can instead be applied to the arches of the feet or used diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil. Inhale deeply several times from the palms of your hands.Essential Oil Moisturizing Sprays

Evening Peace
After the evening shower, massage a diluted, soothing blend of essential oils behind the ears, over the back of the neck and shoulders. It may also be beneficial to apply over the solar plexus (just below the diaphragm and above the naval) and the abdomen. Inhale deeply from the palms of your hands. We have several of our popular soothing blends formulated into moisturizing sprays. Some favorites are:
Evening Peace
Flower Garden
Heaven's Scent
Sleepy Time

During a battle, we also consider our diets and eliminate sugars, which, besides the obvious sugars such as fruit, maple syrup and honey (except in a cup or two of herbal tea), includes, grains, potatoes, carrots, cured or processed meats, dairy (yogurt, butter and kefir are okay) and so on. Infection feeds on sugars, so we starve the *bad guys* by avoiding sugar. During this brief, intense battle, we eat fermented vegetables, raw milk yogurt and kefir, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. Bone broth soup with veggies is an excellent choice. If we need a sweetener, we use Stevia. We try to get plenty of rest and be consistent with our use of essential oils.

May the Lord use His wonderful oils to bring you health and healing,

Penoel, Daniel MD, Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils, 1998, p.156-164

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Thanks Linda! That is incredibly helpful! Blessings!

Great weapons for our arsenal against disease! Thanks for the strategies!

Thank you so much for posting this blog. I have learned soooo much from you. May you continue to be blessed. Thanks! Jackie

Thank you so much for all the information you give in the form of website, a phone call, and the newsletter. You are a blessing!

Recently on our family vacation, I was attacked by allergies from being in a different state. It quickly started to turn to an upper respiratory infection. I had brought along my Respiratory Relief and began to apply 2-3 drops to my chest throughout the day when I would begin to have trouble breathing. I cleared right up and the vacation was saved!!

Thanks for the great information.

This article is very helpful. We knew the oils could be used to prevent, but the information here gives us specific things to do that will be very helpful for us from now on. Thank you so much!