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Medicinal Value of Essential Oils

Medicinal Value of Essential Oils "Rediscovered" by Modern Science

Bowl of Essential OilOur loving Creator has provided us with an abundance of essences designed to protect us from the airborne and surface pathogens that cause most of our common, and some not so common, diseases. Today, even some physicians are warning us not to use antibiotics because the pathogens adapt in time and no longer die when they encounter the antibiotic. We have available to us healthy, natural essences that are anti-infectious without causing the negative side effects of antibiotics. Therapeutic-quality essential oils, when properly blended and used, can disinfect your body, your home and your work place with no negative side effects. Eg

Recently, the powerful medicinal value of essential oils has been "rediscovered" by modern medical science, even though their importance has actually been known for centuries. In ancient cultures, the phenomenal healing properties of essential oils were considered more valuable than gold. Dr. Jean Valnet wrote, "In recent years both doctors and the public have re-discovered the medical value of essential plant oils, but the idea of using their properties to maintain or regain health goes back to antiquity... The Romans had their knowledge of essential oils from the Greeks, who in turn had received it from the Egyptians." The Lord gave Moses a specific formula for a "holy anointing oil" in Exodus 30:22-25, and Valnet also mentions that "Hippocrates, for example, tackled the plague epidemic in Athens by fumigating the whole city with aromatic essences of plant oils. Later, in the 19th century, it is known that perfumery workers always showed an almost complete immunity during cholera outbreaks."

Initially, scientists predicted that antibiotics would vanquish infectious diseases, but instead, bacteria are rapidly overwhelming today's medicine because they naturally evolve to avoid antibiotics. This mutation process was first spotted just five years after Penicillin's debut in the 1939, and resistance has accelerated in the last decade largely because antibiotics are being overused, giving the germs more chances to mutate.Essential Oils

French Professor Griffon, Director of the French Police Toxicology Laboratory, tested the antiseptic effect of a blend of essential oils that included Pine, Thyme, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Clove and Cinnamon (see Mom's Remedy or Plague Defense blends). He tested the ability of the oils to purify the air of harmful disease-causing bacteria. Professor Griffon set up a number of petri dishes about 6" off the floor and allowed them to collect microbes for 24 hours, at which point he found them to contain 210 colonies of various microbes, including numerous molds and staphylococci. He then sprayed an aerosol mixture of the essential oils into the air of the room. After only 15 minutes, only 14 colonies of microorganisms out of the original 210 were left alive. After 30 minutes, only four colonies of the original 210 were left. Within 30 minutes ALL of the potentially harmful, disease-causing molds and staphylococci were destroyed.

Dr. Valnet also reported that in 1960 Dr. Bidadult's "clinical observations proved that the disinfection of the air surrounding the patient has therapeutic preventative effect." He used a mixture of Pine, Thyme, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Clove and Cinnamon as a preventative for infectious childhood diseases such as whooping cough, coryza of nasal catarrh, influenza and acute or chronic diseases of the respiratory tract in adults (influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia).

Plague Defense SprayIn 1985, a notable French researcher, Dr. Jean C. Lapraz, reported that he couldn't find a single bacteria or virus that could live in the presence of the essential oils of Cinnamon or Oregano (see Warrior blend).

A Weber State University study proved conclusively that essential oils sprayed as a micro-fine mist into an enclosed atmosphere are even more reliably effective than antibiotics such as Penicillin and Ampicillin (see Plague Defense Spray). Viruses and bacteria will mutate to defend itself against vaccines and antibiotics, but no pathogen has ever been known to mutate when confronted with essential oils. They are far too complex, and their healing *code* cannot be cracked.

As today's growing plague of pathogenic, antibiotic resistant bacteria, mutating viruses, infectious fungi and disease causing parasites are becoming more and more of a threat, we find it comforting to know that we can use these powerful essential oils to resolve our health issues safely.


Our Battle Plan:Essential Oil Diffuser
Use a micro-mist nebulizing diffuser and diffuse essential oils regularly throughout the day in our home or nightly in our bedroom. Run the diffuser on a timer that can cycle it on for roughly10 minutes and off for 30 as a economical maintenance measure. (see Diffusers)

To sanitize hands and public surfaces such as high chairs, booster seats, toilet seats and so on, use Plague Defense Spray, or make your own antiseptic blend using Aloe Vera Gel, essential oils and grapefruit seed extract.

When away from home or in public places, put a drop or two of an all natural blend of disinfectant essential oils on your handkerchief and inhale deeply every hour or so.


Essential Oils
Plague Defense Spray


Valnet, Jean, The Practice Of Aromatherapy, 2012, Ebury Publishing.

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Thank you so much for all your information! It is truly life changing.

I love the history in all of the information shared! The oils really do work! We havn't been to the doctor in months!