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Troublesome Allergies

Enjoy a Beautiful Fall without Troublesome Allergies

Girl with Allergies
September 23rd marked the beginning of autumn and a beautiful time of the year with cooler temperatures and stunning fall colors. Sadly for many, along with this time of year come fall allergies and the beginning of the cold and flu season. Students head back to school, cooler weather sets in and there is often a heightened incidence of both allergies and cold and flu-like symptoms. Fortunately, pure essential oils offer a safe and effective alternative to medications.

Allergies indicate a malfunctioning immune system. Common allergens include: animal dander, antibiotics, bee or wasp venom, feathers, foods, house dust (due to proteins and amino acids of mites, microbes, pollen, viruses, fungi, mold, insects, mice droppings and so on in the dust), insect bites, pharmaceuticals, pollen and vaccines, all of which involve proteins and or polypeptides.

GoldenrodAccording to Dr. David Stewart, pure, distilled essential oils contain no proteins, polypeptides or amino acids, which are typically at the root of allergic reactions. A person who has an allergic reaction to a plant such as goldenrodusually has no reaction to the pure essential oil distilled from the same plant because the aromatic oil is void of the plant proteins or amino acids that are the source of the allergic reaction to the plant.*

Pure essential oils can address allergies, and many people testify that their airborne allergies disappeared after using the oils on a regular basis. LAVENDER essential oil is a natural "antihistamine" and a drop can be taken orally. For those who want to avoid over-the-counter medications, this is a good essential oil to try. It can be used topically, inhaled or as a drop on the tongue or in a teaspoon of raw honey for alleviating allergies, sinus issues and so on.

Allergy Testimonies
Sinus issues are very responsive to essential oils. MYRTLE can be swabbed in the nostrils, RESPIRATORY RELIEF, NASAL RESCUE and SINUS RELIEF are beneficial diffused, used in a simple inhaler or applied topically as desired. Nasal Rescue has been used in a Neti-Pot (click here for the testimony/recipe). Those who are fond of Olbas® like our SABLO blend.

Sinus Testimonies
Nasal Inhaler

Finally, to prevent or fight infection, blends such as PLAGUE DEFENSE, WARRIOR, IMMUNITION, ANCIENT HEALING, DEFENDER, ANCIENT DEFENSE and PROTECT are amazingly effective when simply applied to the bottoms of feet once or twice daily.

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We wish you a very blessed and healthy fall!
Linda and the HEO Crew 

*The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart Ph.D, D.N.M. NOTE: Expressed oils (citrus oils) and absolutes extracted by solvents (such as Jasmine) can be allergens. 

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These certainly have helped diminish my allergies more so than Allegra, Claritin or any other OTC or prescribed allergy remedy!

I really coudln't ask for more from this article.